Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ten Minutes

Remember that hideously horribly section of a report that I had to write for my share of the necessary toil for the Boulder Faculty Assembly Administrator Appraisal Committee? The one that I procrastinated on for a week? That I kept meaning to do but then kept writing additional chapters of my book instead? All right. Guess how long it took me to do it when I finally sat down yesterday afternoon and faced it.

Yes. Ten minutes.

But this time I'm actually not all that sorry that I put it off, because I did do a HEROIC amount of writing in its stead. Even though I did all that procrastination, I didn't wallow in the usual sick-at-heart dread that goes with it. I just calmly and cheerfully put off this Loathsome Task while doing other more fun and ultimately more important things. So maybe that's okay. It's not really procrastination per se that is the problem; it's procrastination about the things in life that matter most. I didn't procrastinate on those things this week; in fact, I distinguished myself on those things gloriously.

Still, that a feared and postponed task ended up taking only ten minutes is something that I want to remember for next time I'm fearing and postponing something.

Maybe I'll go do ten minutes of work on my 2010 income tax preparation right now.

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