Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My New Little Car

I surprised myself by going out and buying a car yesterday. I must have set something close to a record in the speed with which I bought it once the idea popped into my head. I looked on the Internet for about three minutes, saw a previously owned Chevy Aveo at the same dealer where I bought my previously owned Subaru Outback a couple of years ago, took the bus over there, and bought it. I'm glad I test-drove it at least, or otherwise I would have not realized until too late that it was completely baffling how to shift into reverse on this particular car (the kindly car salesman showed me and let me practice a few times under his training). Or that even starting the car in the first place is a challenge: apparently, you need to have your foot on the clutch in order to get the engine to fire up. I drove a stick shift for 18 years, but I guess I forgot a lot.

The biggest plus of this cute little blue car: it has windows that you roll up and down with an old-fashioned handle. I rented an Aveo once and loved it just for that reason.

Christopher and I have been sharing a car for the past many months, and he's been the one who has used it 95 percent of the time, driving to and from work and socializing with friends. I've managed quite well getting around Boulder with our wonderful buses and my wonderful CU bus pass that allows me to ride for free. But still, it's been challenging sometimes, and I'm going to need a car of my own when I'm at DePauw next year. And it's fun to be able to think of someplace I would like to go, and just go there.

So where WOULD I like to go?


  1. I had to pay $525 last fall to get an electric window fixed on my 12 year old Toyota, so I'm with you about the window thing... SW

  2. I'm envious of the roll down windows! Have you named the car yet?