Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Life for February

It's the first day of the month so that means: time to start a new life! I wish I had remembered this a bit earlier in the day: I might not have had quite so many English muffin halves with butter and orange marmalade, but then again, it is a day with a high near zero, and if you can't eat English muffins slathered with orange marmalade on such a day, when can you? With such temperatures, it's also not a good day to inaugurate a new program of vigorous daily walking, either. So the new life hasn't been a huge success yet in terms of diet and fitness.

But I did write a chapter on my book, and I did write a poem I liked, and I did make progress on a philosophy talk I have to give on Friday. Plus I read a big chunk of a scathingly funny book, Taking the Devil's Advice, by Anne Fine, a semi-autobiographical account of her doomed marriage to philosopher Kit Fine, which reads like a hilarious textbook on why not to marry a (certain sort of famous male analytic) philosopher. All in all, it has been a good, cozy day.

AND the day is not over yet, either. I still have time to type up the chapter I wrote, generate a decent outline for my philosophy talk, and finish reading the novel. And to eat just one or two more English muffin halves - oh, the deliciousness of that orange marmalade!


  1. oh, I remember the English muffins!
    Now John eats them and enjoys them with strawberry jam,as much as you enjoy the marmalade!

  2. I was always a strawberry jam person, Betsy, until I got on this obsessive orange marmalade kick - half a jar gone in two days!!!