Monday, August 10, 2009

To-Do List for Fun

I love to make lists, as you know. I make extremely long and detailed to-do lists – maybe with as many as 120 things on them, everything from “Spend one hour trying to think up a new book idea” to “Pick up prescription” and “Give receipts to Maureen.” Because I also love crossing things off on the lists I so love to make, I usually end up accomplishing just about everything I write down to do, sooner or later.

But life is not all work and no play, so I make sure that on my massive to-do list I also write things like: “Go to the pool with Rowan,” “See Grandpa,” and “Have lunch with Kate.” I want to make my list mania contribute toward filling my life with EVERYTHING that is good and wonderful.

Today I’m going to cross off, “Have fun with M.” M is my mother. We’re going to drive up to Rocky Mountain National Park and have a picnic, probably a simple picnic of peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwiches, cherries, E.L.Fudge cookies – I didn’t put on my list “Plan and shop for elaborate picnic,” so it’s pretty much going to be materials on hand. But we’ll have a wonderful drive, and a chance to be together sharing the beauty of the Rocky Mountains. Then when I come home, I’ll cross it off my list; this evening I’ll head out on the Bear Canyon trail by my house so I can cross off “Hike with Rowan.” And that will be my perfectly happy and highly successful day.

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  1. I love, love, love to make lists, and I love, love, love the satisfaction of crossing things out,too! Your picnic with your mother, the pj sandwiches,the hike on Bear Canyon all sound so wonderful. I am happy with you for your very successful day!