Friday, August 21, 2009

The New Life

Today is my birthday. That means that today I begin THE NEW LIFE!

I begin a new life with some frequency. Always on my birthday, of course, and on New Year’s Day, and on the first day of school. Often on the first day of a new month. Sometimes on a Monday. Or just when I simply cannot bear the old life a day longer and need to usher in a new one.

A new life means getting up at five o’clock in the morning to write. It means healthful eating, regular exercise, daily flossing, the reading of classic literature, no more postponing of LTs (Loathsome Tasks), an attitude adjustment regarding difficult people and unpleasant situations. Oh, and driving less, recycling more faithfully, and not using my credit card. Right now I’m going to go put a little sticker on my mine that says DO NOT USE.

How I love a new life!

Ah, but will the new life last, you ask cynically? If it does, why the need for so MANY new lives? No, the new life will not last. No new life ever has – though maybe THIS one will? This time it will?

Still, to the new life I owe whatever I have accomplished in my (whole) life. All the pages I’ve written I’ve written in a new life. The new life is the reason I’m not fatter, poorer, more ignorant, and more irritated and irritating. The planet itself has reason to be grateful for my new life.

Here’s to a new life!


  1. I love the new life, too. I am always starting one, sometimes feeling that I sooo need a new life but waiting until the right day (a Sunday, the first day of a month or year, etc). A new life is like a deep breath.

    So I'm cheering you on in your new life. Yahoo for you! Look at all you have done. All the wonderful books. All your friends. All your kindnesses.

    And even more importantly, Happy Birthday, dearest Claudia (unless, of course, you would like me to say, "Happy Birthday, Jandy.")! I do love you.


  2. Happy Birthday!
    As my Dove Promise said yesterday, "It's never too late for a fresh start."

  3. Happy Birthday, Claudia!

    I love reading your blog because of your insight and optimism and I enjoy recalling the stories you told on the poetry retreat. (Will you be there again in January?)

    I wish you a year full of good health, good friends, satisfying work and lots of pleasant surprises.

    Pat Brisson (who couldn't figure out how to post this with my email address and who really didn't want to be anonymous)

  4. Oh Claudia - I didn't know you had a blog until you posted it on FB - good to see that you love your life. Have a wonderful birthday! With hugs from Sophia in NYC

  5. You posted this at 5:02 am! I see that you are keeping at least one of your New Life Resolutions faithfully!