Saturday, August 22, 2009

New Life: Day Two

Of course, it’s not really the new life if you spend all day reveling in birthday emails and birthday Facebook posts, with time off for eating birthday cake. The REAL new life begins today.

But yesterday did have two genuine triumphs in it. I wrote the first page of chapter three of my new book, which was important because I wrote chapters one and two quite a while ago and then didn’t want to proceed any further until I had the blessing of my writing group, which couldn’t happen until I shared the manuscript with them on the auspicious occasion of our annual retreat, which was last weekend. (I could have shared it with them sooner, at one of our regular every-other-Monday-evening meetings, but I’m superstitious about sharing the beginning of a new project only at our retreat.) Would they like it? Yes, they did! Heartened as I was, it was still hard getting back into it. I remember the line I heard once from Madeleine L’Engle: “If you leave your work for one day, it leaves you for two.” And I had left mine for several WEEKS. So: hooray for a good page written yesterday, in anticipation of another good page written today.

Other triumph: for a year now I’ve wished I had a cat door, so Snickers could go in and out without meowing piteously and plaintively (and annoyingly) for us to open the door, close the door, open the door, close the door. Then I had a breakthrough: I could make there be a cat door! I could BUY a cat door and hire a handyman to INSTALL the cat door! And then there would BE a cat door!

And yesterday I did!

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  1. And I hope Miss Snickers was appropriately thankful!