Friday, August 28, 2009

Domestic Bliss

I spent all day yesterday at home, getting caught up at my desk, puttering around the house, and in general getting my entire life in order to launch the new semester, which actually launched on Monday, but now, five days in, I’m finally READY for it to launch.

For me, the best life-launching activity is laundry. I’ll be lying on the couch, utterly paralyzed by all that I have to do, hardly knowing where to begin, and then I’ll remember: laundry!

I love gathering it up, and sorting it, and then putting the first load in. From idea to inception takes less than five minutes, and then all of a sudden, something is actually being accomplished, progress is actually being made. I can even go back to lying on the couch, and STILL progress will continue to be made, all on its own, with no work or worry on my part. But I usually don’t go back to the couch, for now I have momentum, now I can see that it would only take another ten minutes to pay a few bills – and another few minutes to post something on my blog!

When the wash comes out of the dryer (and I know, I need to get a clothesline, and I’m going to), I also love folding it, imposing order on that heap of tangled fabric. Because I have a counting fetish, I tell myself, “Now I’m going to fold ten things.” And I count each one as I fold it. “Now I’m going to fold ten more.” If I’m feeling VERY overwhelmed, I only fold FIVE things, and then another five, and another five. Either way, the job gets done.

Clean clothes! Folded and put away! Maybe I CAN make a go of this life, after all.

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