Monday, May 21, 2012

New from the Blue Door

Now that Commencement with all its attendant hoopla is behind me, it's time for me to reconnect with other Greencastle pleasures.  I had breakfast this morning out at the Prindle Institute with Nicki and Linda (apple water today! as tasty as last week's orange water), and lunch at the Blue Door Cafe with Keith.  There I was thrilled to see that the Blue Door Cafe aprons had arrived for purchase, my own marketing suggestion, if I do say so myself.  And with them were Blue Door Cafe potholders!  I snapped up several sets, of course, and hurried back to the Prindle to model my new outfit for Nicki and Linda.  Nicki took this picture of me, as Linda framed me in a Vanna White moment.

Linda did seem somewhat puzzled that I would be so excited to have a Blue Door apron and Blue Door potholder when I never cook anything all year long and consume all my daily calories from Prindle breakfasts, Blue Door lunches, and Dairy Castle dinners whenever I'm not eating the enormous amount of free food constantly provided at every university event.  She seemed relieved, however, when I told her that I do cook on both Thanksgiving and Christmas.  And now I now exactly what I will be wearing on both occasions.

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  1. Seriously love those. I am insanely picky about my kitchen wear... But I think I need a set for my next nervous-breakdown baking spree.