Thursday, May 10, 2012

Last Day Party

Today is the final day of my class on Feminism and the Family.  We've been having student presentations for the last few classes, with each of the 9 students in the class giving a half hour presentation on the topic of her final paper for the course.  Students are addressing such questions as: Is it ethically permissible for white women to adopt black children? Should adoption be open or closed?  How directive should parents be in their child rearing, given respect for children's emerging autonomy?  What is meant by the concept of "unconditional love"?

Today is our class party.  I always like to have a subject-matter-themed party if I can.  Last semester, for my Rousseau class, we ate foods Jean-Jacques mentioned in his Confessions: crusty baguettes, Swiss and French cheeses, ripe cherries.  This time, because we had shared together so many stories about our own families and how they raised us, I asked student to give me a list of their childhood favorite foods and drinks.

So this is the shopping list for my trip to Kroger's this morning:
Hawaiian punch
goldfish crackers
gummy bears
Sour Patch Kids
apple cinnamon rice cakes
zebra cakes

As I decided we also need to have what might be called "real food," I'm getting a Subway party platter as well.  Then we'll indulge in some nostalgic treats. And another semester will be over.

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