Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Filling a Frame

I'm back in Indiana after a brief, but delicious, Mother's Day getaway to Colorado.  In three short days, I celebrated Christopher's graduation from his U.S. Army Reserves occupational training (construction and masonry) and Gregory's successful completion of his sophomore year at CU, working toward his double degree in computer science (College of Engineering) and jazz studies/saxophone performance (College of Music).  In addition to two festive family meals, I had dinner with my friend Diane, tea with Rowan and Gretchen, a hike with Rowan, breakfast with my writing group, and playtime with Cat and her darling little boy, Max.  Best of all, I attended church on Sunday, where Christopher returned in glory, wearing his military uniform, to resume his beloved post at the St. Paul's piano to accompany our prelude-and-postlude singing group, Alpha and Omega. 

All of this made me think that the brief time span of a short visit forced me to use my time wisely, to plan it out carefully, making sure to cram it full of as much fun and joy as possible.  I didn't have any time to waste, so I didn't waste any.  Every moment was one to remember.

I'm now keenly aware that I have just thirteen and a half months until my appointment in Indiana comes to an end on June 30, 2013.  I have so much still that I want to accomplish while I'm here. This coming fall I'll be teaching Children's Literature, in the English department at DePauw, for the first time in my life.  I'm organizing a major conference on Ethics and Children's Literature; I've just reviewed the submissions from my call for papers, and they are amazing.  I have so many sights in Indiana left to see.  And of course, I plan to go home transformed by my experience and present myself as the new, improved Claudia!

It helps to have a clear time frame to fill, whether it be a weekend, or thirteen-and-a-half months, or thirty more years of a lifespan.  It's time for me think of what I really want to do with those hours, months, years.  And then to do them.

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