Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Time for Fun

I was worried enough that I wouldn't get all my work done in the month I have left before I leave for Indiana. But then I started to be consumed by the far more urgent worry that I wouldn't cram in all of my summer fun. So I got busy and made some plans.

Here is what I have coming up:

Tonight: book signing at Barnes and Noble in Boulder for my writing group friend Phyllis Perry, celebrating her latest book Speaking Ill of the Dead, a portrait of Colorado bad guys and bad gals throughout the centuries

Thursday night: Colorado Music Festival up at Chautauqua with my friend Diane, who is subscribing to their violin virtuoso series with me: Mendelssohn violin concerto

Friday night: Colorado Music Festival up at Chautauqua: Tchaikovsky violin concerto

Saturday night: Romeo and Juliet at the Colorado Shakespeare Festival, with the boys

Sunday night: Colorado Music Festival: Beethoven violin concerto

Monday night: catch-up drink with my colleague Alison Jaggar, back from Oslo

Tuesday night: Colorado Rockies v. Atlanta Braves at Coors Field, with the boys

Still ahead: Comedy of Errors at CU, The Little Prince at CU, my writing group summer retreat, and a round of farewell luncheons, happy hours, dinners, and more.

I think right now my worries about getting in enough summer fun are under control!

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