Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Peanuts and Crackerjack

Last night my two boys and their friend Asher and I went to watch the Rockies beat the Braves 12-3.

I never would have dreamed that I would become somebody who absolutely adores going to Rockies games. I am not a sports person. I follow no professional sports (except for baseball now, a little tiny bit) and often don't even know who is playing in the Superbowl (though at least I can identify the sport for which the Superbowl is the culminating event, and I also know what "March Madness" is).

We went to our first Rockies game, somewhat reluctantly, fifteen or so years ago, when my sister Cheryl and her husband were visiting us. Carey loves sports, and loves to go to different ballparks when they travel, so we assumed the mantle of good hosts and tagged along with them to a Rockies game. And it was enormous fun!

Everything about a Rockies game is fun: sitting at Coors Field as the sun is setting behind the Continental Divide, eating the hotdogs and drinking fresh-squeezed lemonade, cheering as the fountains spurt up for a Rockies home run, and best of all, singing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" during the seventh-inning stretch. It's even fun walking back to the car afterwards, with the throngs of happy fans (somehow the Rockies always seem to win when we're there). The boys and I try to go two or three times each summer.

This makes me wonder what other pleasures in life I'm missing out on for lacking of trying them even once. I've never attended a CU football game - somehow I can't believe I'd like it, but maybe I'm wrong about this, too. I've never run or walked in the Boulder Bolder 10K race on Memorial Day. I've never gone to karaoke on Wednesday nights with Philosophy Department graduate students.

Maybe it's not a bad idea to try everything - well, almost everything - at least once, just to find out.


  1. Thanks for sharing your ballpark experience, Claudia. I agree that it is not a bad idea to try new things. This summer I am learning to row the boat out on the pond (something my husband has always done for me), which apparently is supposed to be easy-peasey, but a little challenging for me. I was doing fine until I had to turn and row the other way! :o( I shall persevere!

  2. Oh,that directional stuff is a killer on a rowboat! So counterintuitive! But you can do it!