Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Happy Ending

My paper that was pronounced "not scholarly enough" has now been pronounced sufficiently scholarly for publication. Whew!

Alas, the editor also asked me if I could convert all of the in-text citations (MLA style) into end-notes, and there were NINETY-TWO OF THEM! That's what I get for rustling up so many other philosophers to contribute their thoughts on Nietzsche. It took me almost as long to convert all those endnotes - so tedious! and so fraught with possibilities for careless error! - as it did to write the paper. But I didn't mind. I am SO relieved that it is going to be published, after all.
Yet another iffy paper salvaged at the eleventh hour!

Oh, I feel happy to have this one crossed off my list.

Now for my reward, and a wonderful reward it is: tomorrow I leave for my annual writing group retreat up at Lake Dillon. This year we're going for three nights, not just two, so we will have time to write as well as time to critique our manuscripts and discuss this year's Newbery winner, Moon over Manifest. I still have to go shopping for the ingredients for the lasagna and salad I'm to bring, and then I have to make the lasagne and organize the salad. But that is nothing compared to converting 92 in-text citations to endnotes. And then I'll be up in the mountains with nothing to do for three days but to reconnect with my beloved writing group friends.


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  1. Surely, converting all those citations is a job that a computer should do for you automatically! Unfortunately, I usually end up spending twice as much time finding and learning to use the computer program, but at least I feel better about the wasted time in the end.