Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year, Day 3

So far I am VERY pleased with my resolution to cram my life filled with fun and joy. Yesterday we celebrated Grandpa's 99th birthday with a lovely party at Dino's, on Colfax in Lakewood, with 23 in attendance: family, friends, neighbors, guests of all ages - and the same wonderful waitress who has served us for every single Grandpa's birthday party for the last decade.
Then we spent this afternoon at a concert at the Mercury Cafe in Denver, a gala event in honor of the tenth anniversary of the Colorado Conservatory for the Jazz Arts and also the launch party for the CD Gregory recorded with the Jazz Arts Messengers last summer at a CCJA recording camp. At the party, the group performed all original compositions by the group's members, including Gregory's hauntingly beautiful "Abril." In addition, I submitted an abstract for an essay I want to write for an edited collection commemorating the centennial of the publication of The Secret Garden, read a full-length novel manuscript for one of the people I'll be mentoring for the next six months through the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, and read one book I need to read for my Rousseau and children's literature paper.

It is so motivating to have the goal of fun and joy! The book I read for the Rousseau project was Ida B by Katherine Hannigan. Ida B can't wait to hurry through her chores so she can tackle her afternoon to-do list: "I had three places I wanted to visit, six things I wanted to make, and two conversations I hoped to have before dinnertime." Her father tells her to "hold her horses," that there is plenty of time to do whatever she is planning. Not so! Ida B makes him look her straight in the eyes as she tells him, "Daddy, there is never enough time for fun."

Well said, Ida B! And happy birthday, Grandpa!

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