Friday, January 22, 2010

Empty Stomach

I take thyroid medication, and after my checkup and blood work earlier this week, my (wonderful) doctor called me and told me that my thyroid levels are still too low. She suggested a higher dose of the medication, but I thought that first I should try taking it exactly as prescribed: every single day (not just when I happen to remember) and on an empty stomach: either one hour before or two hours after eating.

The only problem with this plan is that, if this is what an empty stomach is, I've never had one. Ever.

I don't have one during the day because I snack all day. I don't have one in the evening because I snack all evening. And I don't even have one first thing in the morning because I wake up every single day to my beloved writing beverage, Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate. I asked Dr. Hrywnak if taking my medication with Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate could count as taking it on an empty stomach. She said no. Tea, yes. But milky, creamy, nice, thick, foamy hot chocolate, no.

So now I've been up for half an hour, with no hot chocolate. I gulped down my pill as soon as I woke up, with water, but I still have to wait another half an hour for my hot chocolate. Part of me - most of me - wants to go back to bed and lie there under the covers until it's time for Swiss Miss. I certainly don't feel like getting out my clipboard, pad of paper, and trusty Pilot Razor Point fine-tipped black marker pen to start writing.

I may have to force myself to stop eating after supper and take the medication before bedtime, which would also have slimming results, I'm sure. The trick there will be remembering to take it, when I'm often so tired I can barely remember to take off my clothes and put on my nightgown, and often forget (or can't be bothered) to floss my teeth. But this early morning vigil of waiting for my Swiss Miss is going to undermine the hour-a-day-first-thing-in-the-morning writing philosophy on which I've based my entire life as a writer.

Oh, I think HALF an hour is long enough to have a stomach SO empty. Don't you?


  1. Claudia, I think you'll be much happier and more productive taking your pill at bedtime. It's so smart to stop eating after dinner. You will not miss that food, and you will end up losing a little weight, too. I have an idea... set your kitchen timer to go off two hours after dinner. That way you won't forget to take your pill. The world needs you to write for an hour each morning!

  2. I am also a snacker. If only I stopped getting hungry, then I could stop eating. And think how much more I would get done!

  3. I agree: evening pill it will be! I can't stand another morning without my hot chocolate! Thanks for the wise advice.