Thursday, January 28, 2010

Crabby No More

I actually had about six reasons for being crabby yesterday, only one of which I chose to blog about. But now today everything is better.

My very very bad thing to be sad about yesterday is that while Gregory and I were down in Austin last weekend, my mother fell and fractured her left hip and left shoulder, this two years after a fall in which she fractured her right hip. It was terrible to be so far away when it happened, and she faces a long and uncertain process of rehabilitation. Neither of us knows what the future will bring. But of course nobody knows what the future will bring. That is probably the only thing we DO know: that this we DON'T know. But yesterday she moved from the hospital to a care center for physical therapy as she recovers, and best, my beloved sister and her husband are coming out to visit soon. So I feel cautiously hopeful.

I was also sad yesterday that Gregory woke up sick on the long-awaited day on which he was to head down to Colorado Springs to play tenor sax in All-State Jazz Band. Oh, no!! But he slept through the morning, then returned to school in the afternoon, and now he's down in the Springs beginning two days of intensive rehearsals for the concert on Saturday.

The lovely teacher at the lovely school with the lovely upcoming young authors' event emailed me about the unlovely forms I have to fill out and told me not to stress about them, just to do my best. Okay. I can do my best!

I finally faced the extremely dull and dreary letters I had to write as chair of the Dean's Review Committee for Tenure and Promotion for the University Libraries. If only I had done them sooner! But at least they're done now.

And it snowed last night, just a couple of inches, if that, but oh so pretty outside my window. Christopher's girlfriend, Samantha, came over with flowers for my mother, as well as one single white rose just for me, because, she said, "You deserve it." I don't know if I deserve having such a sweet and caring young woman in my life, but I do love it.

So today, everything is better. Not perfect. It never is. But better.

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  1. So you've had a "happy ending" in a way. I've just finished reading "Pride and Prejudice" again for a book discussion coming up. I love happy endings! -- Carol Linda