Thursday, October 1, 2009

Me and My Little Basket

One of my jobs is being a neighborhood rep for the King Soopers grocery gift card program for the Fairview High School bands. Band families commit to buying so many gift cards a month; I take their order and submit it to the head King Soopers gift card lady; she gets the cards (thousands and thousands of dollars worth of them), delivers them to me, and then I deliver them to the dozen band families on my route.

For two years I myself was the head King Soopers gift card lady. I was only moderately successful at the job. It involved all the things I am worst at: Excel spread sheets! Math! Several times the bank called the band treasurer to tell her that there was a mistake in my deposit. This seemed impossible to me: how can there be a mistake in an account done on an Excel spreadsheet? Well, it seems that there were many mistakes in accounts done on Excel spreadsheets by me.

But I am an excellent neighborhood rep, one of the best. I used to make my rounds in the car, first calling around to make sure families were home (Saturday morning right at 9 is best - people are up, but not yet out). It took about an hour and wasn't too onerous. Now I do them on foot. It takes hours and hours, but is tons of fun.

I just delivered to six families this evening, walking from house to house in the golden glow of an October evening, carrying my King Soopers gift cards in my little basket. I was wearing a long, full, red plaid skirt that I bought at the Fairview band yard sale last month for a dollar, paired with a black sweater I bought there for another dollar. It was quite blustery tonight, so I also had on a hat and mittens. I felt so perky! So plucky! So adorable in a 50-something way.

In a month or two I may be delivering my King Sooper gift cards with my little basket in the snow. Even perkier and pluckier! But neither rain, nor sleet, nor gloom of night stays this band mom with her little basket from the completion of her appointed rounds.

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