Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pondering the Planets

I was thrilled to get this photo of kids at the San Pedro Park Library in San Antonio, Texas, who have been reading my book How Oliver Olson Changed the World and making their own model of the solar system to go with it. In the book, Oliver and his classmate Crystal make a "protest diorama" on behalf of poor ex-planet Pluto. While Pluto doesn't seem to have made it into this solar system model (I count only eight planets there), I've been assured on good authority that the kids did spend time arguing the pros and cons of Pluto's status as a planet - and after all, Oliver and Crystal do end up changing their mind about Pluto before the book is over. I particularly like the bright orange ring around Saturn. Oh, and the TWO copies of my book. And of course, most of all,those smiles.

1 comment:

  1. What a great photo! What fabulous kids! How exciting to have a classroom read your book and make a solar system (even if Pluto isn't in it!). I love the orange ring around Saturn, too, and I LOVE your book, How Oliver Olson Changed the World!