Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Trying to Be Cheerful

The bad news: I got a quote from the insurance company, and it will cost $200/year MORE to insure my one remaining car than it previously cost to insure both cars! How can this be? Isn't this some kind of mathematical impossibility, where 2 take away 1 ends up being 3? Well, the insurance lady (who was really very nice) explained that I'm losing the multi-car discount - but shouldn't that just mean that the remaining car would cost more than IT would have cost if I didn't have the other car, but not more than BOTH CARS TOGETHER? And now both boys have to be listed as drivers on the newer car - but in reality, they always drove the newer car, anyway, so it's a change in semantics, not in reality. So I'd be better off still owning my Corolla and letting it slumber away, undriveable, in my garage.

The good news: well, what is the good news? I guess the good news is that this time I actually LOOKED at the details of the insurance quote and discovered that all along I've been paying for stuff I didn't need, like extra health insurance in case someone without health insurance hits me, this when I already have health insurance. Insurance to provide me a rental car if my car is in the shop - this although the shop itself will pay for a rental car. So now, taking off these extra charges will leave the new insurance quote the same as the old insurance quote: one car will cost as much as two, but not more than two. And I learned a lesson about reading fine print and asking questions.

And it's still better to have one car than two.

Isn't it?

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  1. Maybe you won't save any money on insurance, but you're bound to save a lot of money on gas, don't you think? --Carol Linda