Friday, February 22, 2013

Off to New Orleans

I leave in a few minutes to go to the airport to fly to New Orleans for the Central Division meeting for the American Philosophical Association (APA).  My APA duties this time are minimal: to provide ten minutes of prepared comments on a paper entitled "Are children persons?" (Spoiler: the answer is yes).  So to deliver ten minutes of my thoughts in this professional forum, I'm flying off to spend the weekend in this fascinating city I've never visited before.

I couldn't face staying at the Hilton, the official hotel for the conference, so I found a guest house in the French Quarter, and I'll walk back and forth, or catch a cab if I need to.  The session at which I'm presenting is on Saturday afternoon.  I might go to some other APA sessions, or I might not.  I have dates lined up with beloved former grad students and a dear friend's daughter for dinner tonight, breakfast tomorrow, lunch tomorrow, and a museum date on Sunday - for the New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum.  I also have lots of delicious work projects tucked into my backpack, should I find a tempting cafe for work and beignets. And I can stroll around charming  neighborhoods and listen to some jazz, though I like jazz vastly better if it's performed by my son Gregory. Work and beignets sounds like the way to go on this one.

Au revoir!

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