Monday, February 4, 2013

Cakes galore!

My dizzying, dazzling week in Olathe, Kansas, culminated in my being sent, after my return to Indiana, some photos from the cake-decorating contest that the Pleasant Ridge Elementary School held as the grand finale for the Families Read Every Day (F.R.E.D.) program that featured my book Mason Dixon: Pet Disasters.  Here are some of my favorites of the entries.

The burial of Mason's pet goldfish, named Goldfish:

The rejoicing of Brody's pet goldfish, Albert, that he did not share Goldfish's fate:

The LOST poster for Mason's pet hamster, Hamster:

A general summation of Mason's attitude toward pets:

And a nice celebration of the book in cupcake form (you'll have to turn your head to see this one, as I don't know how to rotate it).

I'm back to real life - teaching, writing a lecture, planning a conference, but very SWEET memories of Olathe remain....

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