Tuesday, February 7, 2012


For those of you interested in what I ate for breakfast today, today I tried out a NEW BREAKFAST PLAN. The Blue Door Cafe has beautiful hot chocolate, delicious French toast, and perfectly cooked omelets, but their oatmeal, I regret to inform you, is of the instant variety that comes in those little packages; they just don't have enough early morning traffic to justify having a big pot of oatmeal sitting on top of the stove.

So today I took an early morning walk up Seminary Street (my street) from the un-fancy end where I live to the very fancy end where the president of the university lives; then I walked back on Anderson Street, where I may live next year (I've looked at a beautiful century-old house there that would be available when its owner departs for her sabbatical year in Germany). I ended up at the Hub (student cafeteria/food court) in the student union on campus, where they offer have a big pot of oatmeal, as well as a big pot of cream of wheat.

I fixed my bowl by layering it: first a bunch of oatmeal, then a layer of brown sugar and raisins; then repeat. The final effect was like eating a bowl of molten oatmeal raisin cookies. Cost: $1.70.

I still love the Blue Door beyond all reckoning, but this made a nice change on a gray morning. It's good to expand one's culinary horizons, don't you think?

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