Saturday, January 21, 2012

By Popular Request

More pictures of my Greencastle world: views from my office window out at the Prindle Institute for Ethics. This is the peaceful, serene place where I have one of my two offices at DePauw; the other is in the cozy suite of offices belonging to the Philosophy Department in Asbury Hall, right in the heart of campus, steps away from the Roy O. West Library and just a block from my little house. Usually during the semester, I spend Monday, Wednesday, and Friday out at the Prindle, and Tuesday and Thursday (my teaching days) on campus.

During Winter Term, I'm teaching every day except for Thursday from 1-4 in the afternoons, so I spend every morning out at the Prindle, then head to campus to teach, and then return to the Prindle in the late afternoon because there is a Winter Term baking class that meets there and delivers kuchen to us fresh from the oven just as my own class is coming to a close. As part of my new mindful eating routine, I'm trying to make myself a cup of tea and put the wedge of cake on a plate first before eating it. Then: ahhhh.

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