Friday, January 20, 2012

The Blue Door Cafe

It is somewhat of an ordeal for me to post pictures on my blog. First I have to remember where I put my camera; then the battery invariably needs charging, and I have to remember how to get it out of the camera and how to put it into the charger, and then after I take the pictures, I have to remember how to upload them onto my computer. Of course, all of this remembering would be vastly easier if I executed these operations on a regular basis. One of my new year's plans is to do just that.

So: here are some pictures of my beloved Blue Door Cafe. The two interior pictures were taken in the early morning. The Blue Door opens at seven, and I am usually the second customer there, at least during this quiet time of January Winter Term. You'll notice that it is DARK outside at seven. Indiana is on Eastern time and really should be on Central time, given its geographical location. So the sun rises late here. However, this only makes the Blue Door all the more cozy. The woman at the counter is Sue, the owner and manager who presides there in such a warm and welcoming way and who knows exactly how I like my hot chocolate: made with skim milk, but with whipped cream and chocolate shavings on top.

Maybe tomorrow if I'm feeling extra ambitious I'll take a picture of my mug of hot chocolate, too.


  1. Wonderful pictures! Wonderful looking place.

  2. I am happy every minute I'm at the Blue Door, Mitzi. It's the heart of my sweet little Greencastle world.

  3. I like when you post pictures, Claudia. I love seeing the places you're writing about and love so much.