Thursday, October 6, 2011

Multiple Worlds

As if I didn't have a wonderful enough time at the Epcot Center's International Food and Wine Festival yesterday with Cheryl and Carey (I'll post my photo of us with Belle of Beauty and the Beast when I return home to Indiana), now I'm having nonstop bliss at FAME, the Florida Association for Media in Education conference.

I loved being on a panel late yesterday afternoon with four other witty and sparkling children's authors, including two terrific Lisas: Lisa Wheeler and Lisa Yee.

I loved signing books - lots of them, too! - in the exhibit hall.

I loved sitting by the pool sipping white wine sangria with a new writer friend as the moon rose over the palm trees.

Today I know I'm going to love giving my talk and signing more books. And then I'm going to love lying on a chaise longue by the pool, writing.

Being here at FAME makes me think: THIS is my world, THESE are my people. Why do I ever do anything other than write children's books? The only trouble is that when I walked into the FEAST conference two weeks ago - Feminist Ethics and Social Theory - I felt the same way. And maybe I feel this way most of all when I walk into the ChLA conference - the scholarly Children's Literature Association. These are ALL my worlds. These are ALL my people.

So I'm lucky to have a lot of different worlds to visit.

Especially ones with moonlit palm trees.

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