Monday, August 22, 2011

Real Work

My first week here at DePauw University has been nothing but picnics and parties. Well, I did sit for two full days in New Faculty Orientation, and attend the half-day Faculty Institute, and the back-to-school Convocation. But all I had to do at those events was listen to other people talk, soaking up information and inspiration and eating huge amounts of food. I didn't actually have to DO anything.

This week real work begins.

My plan is to spend Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at my office at the Prindle Institute, and to spend Tuesday and Thursday (my teaching days) at my office in the Philosophy Department. The plan is to spend all day in these offices, as if I have an actual - what's the word? - JOB. I'll come to work in the morning, work all day, and then go home when the day is done. After all, the whole point of being a visiting faculty member is to be an visible and active member of the academic community. You can't be a visible and active member of the academic community if you hole up in your own house.

So here I am at the Prindle this very minute. My office window looks out at trees in the courtyard. It is so peaceful and quiet here. This morning I'm going to work on organizing the reading group I'll be leading on the ethics of life writing (ethical issues that arise in writing memoir, autobiography, biography, anything that draws on the lives of real people). And for good measure, I might as well plan out all the great things I'll be accomplishing all year. Why not? I have hours and hours to spend here in my beautiful serene office. Maybe on this new schedule I really will accomplish something dazzling. The odds are in my favor.

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  1. I hope you had a special birthday, Claudia! It's wonderful to hear how much at peace you feel in your new home. I look forward to more updates.