Saturday, August 6, 2011

Friends, Romans, Countrymen

Today is day three of the four-day ethics extravaganza hosted by our CU Philosophy Department: the Rocky Mountain Ethics Congress, abbreviated RoME. In its fourth year now, RoME draws philosophers specializing in ethics broadly conceived (metaethics, ethical theory, applied ethics, political philosophy) from all over the country and the world to Boulder for a few intellectually dizzying days at the start of August.

I was one of the 37 people associated with the Philosophy Department who helped to review the papers submitted for the conference; I've attended quite a few sessions already, chaired one session, introduced one keynote speaker, and tomorrow I'll give my commentary on the paper "In Defense of the No-Reasons View of Love" by philosopher Aaron Smuts. Each day also has a most pleasant reception; today has free time for hiking and savoring other Boulder treats (I'll be taking keynote speaker Cheshire Calhoun on a tour of Boulder's Celestial Seasonings tea factory).

It's all a bit overwhelming and exhausting, especially six days (!) before I leave for my new life in Indiana. But it's also sweet to have this last chance to remember how wonderful the intellectual life is here in my own corner of the world, how much I'm going to be missing even as I start out on my own exciting intellectual adventure.

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