Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Miners Pick

As if I haven't been having enough joy in my life lately, I leave tomorrow after teaching my second class and having lunch with a favorite grad student to drive up to Idaho Springs and spend the night at the Miners Pick bed and breakfast. This is the treat that I won for myself in my church's silent auction a couple of weeks ago.

Oh, this is going to be bliss, bliss, bliss. I'm going all my myself. I'm taking my book-in-progress with me, hoping to get at least one chapter written and maybe two. I'm taking a whole stack of books to read - after all, I'll have part of an afternoon, and a whole entire evening, and then a whole entire morning. Even though I could definitely use some of that time on grading my midterms, I am planning to leave that little pile of work at home.

I have heard that the breakfasts prepared by innkeeper Vicki are amazing, so expect a report when I return.

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