Sunday, March 6, 2011

Home from Cincinnati

My trip to the Association of Practical and Professional Ethics conference was in every way wonderful. I have to confess that I went to only three sessions for the entire two days of the conference: the session at which I was speaking, the session at which my former grad student and next-year DePauw colleague Jen was speaking, and the keynote address (and I wrote my poem for the day during the keynote address).

But here is what I did instead (including what I did on the plane rides, the bus rides, and the waiting time in the airport):

1. Wrote two chapters on my novel - one of them a real humdinger
2. Wrote three poems, including two of my best-ever sonnets
3. Read two books, including the 400-page Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand, a fabulous story told by a fabulous storyteller
4. Read a colleague's manuscript and three essays that are finalists for an undergraduate writing award
5. Had a wonderful dinner with new friends from DePauw
6. Had breakfast, two lunches, and another (bar-snacky) dinner with dear old friend whom I love beyond all telling
7. Toured the extremely impressive National Underground Railroad Freedom Center on the Ohio River in Cincinnati
8. Had Graeter's ice cream twice - once black cherry, and once black raspberry chocolate chip
9. Made many people read my poems including one scathing one that is too inappropriate to post on my blog but is probably my poetic masterpiece
10. Had not one, not two, not three, but four pomegranate martinis in the hotel bar.

I call that an excellent conference indeed.


  1. It all sounds wonderful, Claudia! You are a beehive of happy activity. Now, about that rhubarb pie . . .
    ; )

  2. Claudia,
    Even reading your accomplishments tires me out. You are so productive. You continue to inspire me. Thank you.

  3. But, Pat, look at all I DIDN'T do - like attend most of the sessions of the conference that the university was paying to send me to!

  4. I am wondering if there is a learning style that has to do with moving vehicles which stimulate your brain?! You are always productive when you are moving in a vehicle! All the way back to Princeton days! :)