Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Of Wind and Sails

Needless to say, a lukewarm review does much to take the wind out of one's writing sails. And my sails were already on the limp, sagging, drooping side. And I have such a huge writing ocean to traverse between now and the end of the summer.

Yesterday I did nothing but feel sad - about my "mixed" review, and then while I was at it, about everything else that was disappointing in my current life. For good measure, I reviewed all my recent losses and wallowed in them. I didn't bring a chapter of the new book-in-progress to my critique group meeting last night, because I knew they would hate it and find it as deadly dull as I did and then I'd never be able to force myself to continue writing it.

But then it was this morning. A new day. A day not yet marred by any "mixed" reviews. I got up at 6:30 (in summertime I don't have to get up at 5:00) and made myself my Swiss Miss hot chocolate. I read through the book-in-progress and axed the subplot that wasn't working; I realized that without its dragging the story down, the rest of it the book so far was fine - more than fine, quite dear and darling. I wrote a good new scene and finished up Chapter 6. I think the book is going to have 13 chapters, so I'm almost halfway there (though admittedly I had a good bit of a previous draft that I could salvage for the first half and nothing for the second half - but still).

I'm heading back toward the open waters. Wish me Godspeed.


  1. I love your last line 'I'm heading back toward the open waters'. What a great way to put it.