Thursday, October 11, 2012

Off for Fall Break

Even though fall break technically doesn't start until Friday afternoon, mine has started right this minute.  I'm typing this in Concourse A of the lovely Indianapolis International Airport.  I love flying anywhere, anytime.  But I especially love flying from the Indy airport. It's a new, post-9-11 airport. Along both concourses there are enormous stained glass windows with poetry on them, including a poem by my DePauw colleague Joe Heithaus. Lines are short. Everything is easy. WiFi is free.

My destination today is Richmond, Virginia, connecting in Chicago O'Hare (NOT my favorite airport); tonight I'll be in Williamsburg, getting ready to take part in the Joy of Children's Literature Conference hosted by the College of William and Mary tomorrow.  On Saturday I'll hang out with my dear librarian friends Noreen and Alan Bernstein.  And then I'll fly directly from Virginia to Colorado, for fall break with family and friends.

On my fall break to-list for Boulder:
1.  a jazz concert by CU's Jazz Ensemble 1, with my son Gregory playing in it
2. a family dinner with all of us together
3. hikes with my friend Rowan
4. the play Fences in Denver with my friend Diane
5. lunch with my friend Maureen
6. playing with  my friend Cat's little boy Max
7. a meeting with the grad student whose dissertation I'm advising
8. observing the class of another grad student so I can write a teaching letter for his dossier
9. church, and dinner with my church family
10. writing, reading, resting, relaxing, mountains, blue skies, sunshine, autumn!


  1. I love your lists, Claudia - they inspire me to make my own extensive ones more interesting!

    I hope Williamsburg conference was great - I love the town (have two pics of my sister and me in the "guillotine", one from childhood and the same pose from adulthood.

    Thanks to your inspiration, by the way, my early morning writing times are now wonderfully productive!

  2. Thanks so much for saying this, Carol - I did have a wonderful time in Williamsburg which included walking alone down Duke of Gloucester Street in the late afternoon. I'm thrilled that your writing times are wonderfully productive these days. Now you are inspiring me!