Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday 2012

This is my first Easter in Greencastle.

Last Sunday I had Palm Sunday back at my beloved church in Boulder, St. Paul's United Methodist Church, for the procession of palms which unaccountably brought me to tears at the sight of the congregation's children eagerly thrusting palms at those of us in each pew, as we sang, not the traditional "Hosanna, Loud Hosanna," but "Lift High the Cross." But then I missed our huge church egg hunt on the Saturday before Easter, attended by church families, neighborhood families, and families invited through the Emergency Family Assistance Association. And I missed the youth sunrise service. And the first glimpse of the sanctuary transformed by lilies as well as a profusion of spring flowers.

Instead, I walked up and down Seminary Street in Greencastle this morning as I talked on the phone to Christopher, who was getting ready to attend the Easter service on his base in Gulfport, Mississippi, shining his shoes to go with his dress uniform. Then I arrived at Gobin United Methodist Church, the church situated on one corner of the DePauw campus. Eager children handed me a white paper lily on a green pipecleaner stem; I tucked it into the bodice of my dress. The service began with "Christ the Lord Is Risen Today," as all Easter services ought to begin. The spectacular DePauw choir outdid itself, including a wonderful quartet made up of DePauw voice students singing an additional piece of their own. Children in the congregation decorated an Easter tree with symbols of the Resurrection. The service closed with a stunning performance of Charles-Marie Widor's famous organ Toccata, which I associate with all the years I attended Easter services at the National Cathedral in Washington, DC - glorious, swelling soaring music. And then I had Easter dinner with friends from church who kindly included me in their holiday gathering.

So Easter would have been lovely in Boulder, but it was lovely here, too.

Easter is lovely everywhere.


  1. Happy Easter Claudia! We miss you here.