Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring Break

I used to look forward to spring break as a chance to catch up on all the work I had left undone during the hectic pace of the semester. But now I look forward to spring break as a chance to catch up on the life I left behind in Colorado when I departed to go teach in Indiana. So few precious days back in Colorado! So much of my sweet life to connect with again.

On my spring break to-do list:
1) Go to church TWICE - this coming Sunday and next Sunday, which is Palm Sunday - Hosanna!
2) Hike as often as I can with Rowan on the beautiful South Shanahan trails in our neighborhood
3) Meet with a writing mentee to give her comments on her middle-grade novel manuscript, which I read on the plane as I was flying home - lots to talk about!
4) Meet with a doctoral student about the first couple of chapters of his dissertation on a philosophical argument for an open borders immigration policy - lots to talk about!
5) Dentist for cleaning and checkup
6) Dying Easter eggs with Gregory and mending a torn pocket on his CU sweatshirt
7) Lunch or dinner with Maureen, Diane, Elizabeth, others!
8) A special session meeting of my writing group to accommodate the timing of my return
9) Finish writing my paper for the conference in China
10) Regain the love of Snickers by as much cuddling as she will permit

That is my to-do list for the week. I can't wait to start crossing off each blissful item on it.

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