Friday, December 2, 2011

December Is Here

And this means that my new life for December has begun.

I'm loving seeing my beloved Greencastle decorated for the holidays. There are colored lights strung from the courthouse across the downtown courthouse square, and lights are twinkling on the Christmas tree in the Inn at DePauw next door to my little house, and there is a tiny tree (with appropriately chosen blue ornaments and blue garlands) perched on a small table at the Blue Door Cafe. This weekend I'm attending a Christmas gospel choir concert, and another Christmassy concert, both at Gobin United Methodist church, right on campus. I think I'm going to have a gingerbread-flavored steamer at the Blue Door this afternoon.

My work projects for the month include finishing up the semester in a blaze of glory - helping my Rousseau class students with their final papers and hosting a lovely Rousseau-themed party for them - and laying the groundwork for my Winter Term course on children's book writing and my spring course on feminism and the family, as well as my spring reading group on the philosophy of Cheshire Calhoun.

Most fun will be thinking what paper I'll be presenting at the symposium on "The Image of the Child in Chinese and American Children's Literature" that I've been invited to attend next June at Ocean University in Quingdao, CHINA!!! The abstract is due December 15, so I'm going to spend this weekend curled up planning out ideas.

And I do have to start writing a new children's book, I do, I do!! I have to take the only idea I have right now and just start WRITING IT.

Maybe while sipping a gingerbread-flavored steamer at the Blue Door Cafe?


  1. Darn it! I forgot to start my new life on the first & now it is already the fourth. I am going to try that approach next month. First up, getting better at making lists of things I want to do so that I remember to do them. All my lists are of things I have to do, which is why those things get done I suppose.

  2. I suppose that a new life COULD begin on the fourth. Sort of like Independence Day on July Fourth. The key is just to have some decisive line in the sand: here is where the new life BEGINS!