Wednesday, November 9, 2011

City of the Big Shoulders

After I teach my Rousseau class tomorrow, I'm off for a long weekend in Chicago, visiting with my beloved friend Robin, a friend since my days of working at the University of Maryland almost thirty years ago. She's flying in from Maryland, and I'm driving to Indianapolis and taking the bus from there to Chicago (three hours and fifteen minutes each way), because I decided that a little Greencastle mouse wasn't going to be able to handle driving in such a great big city, a city "so proud to be alive and coarse and strong and cunning."

Robin and I haven't made any plans yet except that we're staying in the grand old Palmer House Hotel. And we want to go to the Art Institute. And maybe do an architecture tour of some kind. And talk and talk and talk. I think maybe I'd also like to eat a cupcake. I read once in an inflight magazine that Chicago is known for its cupcakes.

That's it. We can figure out the rest as we go. For now, it's just teach (Emile, Book Three), and then get in the car and start driving, and get on the bus and start riding, and meet up with Robin and start hugging and talking. And find a cupcake and start eating it.


  1. Be sure you visit Millennium Park. It's lovely! Enjoy your visit.

  2. Martinis at the top of the John Hancock building!
    Chicago Architecture Foundation river cruise!
    Brasserie Jo for Alsatian French food!
    Cafe Spiaggia (little sister to Spiaggia) -- truly fantastic Italian food!
    Have a fabulous time!

  3. Without even having access to a computer to read your suggestions, I did three of them: Millennium Park, drinks at the top of the John Hancock Building, and that AMAZING Chicago Architecture River Cruise!