Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Little House

Some of my faithful readers have asked for pictures of my little house in Greencastle. I'm not very good at taking pictures and even less good at transferring them from my camera to the computer. I have to take out the little instructions Gregory dictated to me: 1) Use black cord; 2) Turn on camera (one step I always forget); 3) Open folder to view files; 4) Click on photo; 5) Open MY PICTURES; 5) Drop and drag. Actually I don't do those last two. I don't know how to drop and drag things. I only know how to click on things. So I click on COPY TO and save it to MY PICTURES.

Anyway, so here's my sweet shabby dear darling little house that I rent for $375 a month. If you squint you can see the tiny pumpkin I bought for it yesterday at the farmers' market. A tiny pumpkin for a tiny house and for the happy person living in it.


  1. I love your teeny-tiny house with the teeny-tiny pumpkin by the door!Thanks for the peek inside.The colorful couch creatures look ready to spring into a story.

    I am likewise challenged when it comes to cameras or using flash drives.

  2. You are so sweet to comment on my blog so often, dear Clara. I'm trying to scheme for how I can come to the poetry retreat despite having to teach a winter session course here - I want to be next to you in a pink room!

  3. Photos! I love the photos of your cute little house! I'm enjoying your reports from Indiana -- I'm so glad you're having a great time there. We miss you! Mitzi

  4. A teeny tiny darling home away from complication, away from all the drama, just a darling charming little house to look at you lovingly when you come home and to hold you in its adorable walls.
    A haven from all things difficult, problematic and unsolvable, your little home protects and shelters you better than a home twice its size because it knows you. It fits you. It slips easily around your skin and it lets your mind get the rest it has needed for decades.