Monday, June 27, 2011

Summertime Fairy Dust

Today my sister Cheryl came to NYC with me on the bus from her house in North Plainfield, NJ (also our childhood home), where I'm staying right now. We walked thirty blocks from the Port Authority up to Alice's Teacup on West 73rd Street for tea, scones, and fairy dust. She ordered a berry crepe and a pumpkin scone; I had an egg-white omelet with roasted asparagus and pears, together with a lemon raspberry scone. Afterward we were both sprinkled with their fairy dust. Cheryl cleverly brought a flash drive from her computer for her sprinkling, so all the documents on it received the magic treatment. I limited myself to a sprinkling on the ARC (advanced reading copy) of my new book to try to ensure its success with reviewers and customers.

The magically happy day continued with a fascinating exhibit of FROGS at the American Museum of Natural History, where 200 actual live frogs from all around the world were on display; some of them were amazingly colorful like animated tiny toy frogs; others were carefully camouflaged. Then in the afternoon we toured the Guggenheim Museum, featuring an exhibit of the Japanese post-minimalist artist Lee Ufan. The day concluded with a forty-block stroll back to the bus.

There is hardly anything in the world more fun than a sister day in New York City complete with scones and fairy dust.


  1. Rose recently visited the AMNH for the first time, to see the bees. She said some were so tiny they couldn't be mounted on pins, they had to be attached to a thread suspended between two pins.

    Julie Leonard

  2. Bees and frogs! And their wonderful butterfly exhibit had just left the previous week. And I heard about a great firefly exhibit, too.

  3. Oh, Claudia, you are so close and I had no idea! Thanks for sharing the fairy dust magic and your visit to Alice's Teacup! The frogs sound enchanting! Hmmm. . .I wonder if they're all fairy tale princes waiting to be kissed!

  4. Well, some of the frogs are VERY poisonous - and wouldn't you know, those were the most beautiful ones, too, the darling ones so brightly colored and alluring....