Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day Two

The trouble with starting a brand new year, and a brand new life, is that I always feel more like doing it the day BEFORE it starts than I do on the day THAT it starts, or worse, the day AFTER it starts. On New Year's Eve, I had so many plans for the new year. And then on New Year's Day, well, that was a holiday, and one isn't really expected to leap into unprecedented greatness on a holiday. And now today? Well, today is Sunday, and I did spend the morning at church, and now I have family over, and. . .

So I had better start leaping into unprecedented greatness tomorrow. At the very latest.

Though I should really do just a tiny bit of leaping today.

Or at least organize things to facilitate leaping.

Or at least make a good itemized list of projected leaps.

Or maybe just give up and go read another hundred pages of Jonathan Franzen's Freedom, one of my Christmas presents, which is extremely absorbing and sucking away all my energy and drive that would otherwise be devoted to leaping. Then I could have a first HUGE book (560 pages) to write down on my list of books I read in 2011, and that would feel good. And I could say that reading a book by such a masterful storyteller is something a writer is supposed to be doing, anyway. And I could even finish up the leftover Christmas fudge while I'm doing it, so that tomorrow I can leap into unprecedented greatness AND start a new, healthy, slimming diet.

It sounds like a plan.

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  1. We decided to have our New Year's Day today since we had company for the weekend. So today we had ginger black-eyed peas for dinner and tonight I take my cleansing bath. Resolutions can start tomorrow!