Tuesday, December 28, 2010

There's a World Outside of Yonkers

Last night I saw Hello, Dolly! at the Boulder Dinner Theater with my colleague Carol and her daughter, Elspeth. I knew it would be wonderful, and it was: the perfect end-of-year treat, the perfect usher-in-the-new-year treat, the perfect invitation, especially to those of us who are bit older, a bit more weary, to seize the splendor of every day before the parade passes us by. There IS a world outside of Yonkers, Barnaby! And now I'm determined that in the new year about to begin, I'm going to go out and find that world.

I'm going to go and taste Saturday's high life - I'm going to get some life back into my life! I've got to go again, I've got to drive again, I've got to feel my heart coming alive again! I'm going to raise the roof, I'm going to carry on - give me an old trombone! give me an old baton!

So this is just to put the world on notice that I'm planning to do something extraordinary with my life in this coming year. Me, and Dolly Levi.

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