Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Heading Back East

The boys and I leave this morning for several days in New Jersey, visiting my sister. We'll go to New York City tomorrow, where I'll have lunch with my editor at Random House and tea with my agent, which sounds very glamorous to me. I do love any little bit of glamor that finds its way into my life. We may sightsee in Philadelphia on Friday.

Saturday - the Jersey shore? which might be very crowded on this holiday weekend? Or simply relax at Cheryl and Carey's house, which also happens to be our childhood home, bought by Cheryl and Carey some fifteen years after my mother sold it to somebody else. The house is filled with everything conceivable for fun: tens of thousands of books, hundreds of bears, heaps of board games, video games, remote controlled cars, jigsaw puzzles. NOTHING is more fun than simply spending time at Cheryl and Carey's house.

Sunday we'll have the internment for my mother, in the same beautiful garden at Wilson Memorial Church in Watchung, where my father's ashes were placed 23 years ago.

Monday we'll fly home. The first six months of the year have been very hard for our family, and so I'm planning to start 2010 over again officially in July. It was only the FIRST HALF of 2010 that was bad, you see. The rest of it is going to be wonderful. Right?

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  1. Right! It is affirmed. Will you be taking tea at Alice's?