Monday, May 3, 2010

Ida Freeman Elementary

I had such fun with the kids today at Ida Freeman Elementary. They even wrote me appreciation poems afterwards.

Here is the poem written together by Linda Skinner's 4th grade enrichment class. Note how it spells out my name.

CLAUDIA MILLS cares about kids
Loves to write
Author who always chews on her pen
Unique for her "Ape Dance"
Dancing gave her the nick-name "Tarzan"
Independent writer and thinker with
A black Pilot Razor tip point felt pen in her
Mouth . . . "Writing can be hazardous!"
It broke her tooth! ($500.00!)
Loves to get up early (5:00 a.m.)
Likes to make
Swiss Miss hot chocolate and WRITE!

The fifth grade enrichment class wrote their own individual poems spelling out either "CLAUDIA MILLS" or "THANK YOU." They were encouraged to use the thesaurus to get unusual words. I wish I could post them all, but here are a few.

By Parker:
Careful and awesome writer YOU are!
Lots and lots of fabulous dissertations you wrote!
Ape dance was excellent thank you for showing us!
Undeniable YOU were FANTASTIC!!
Determination made you keep writing and not quit!
Intelligent, smart and a great author you are!!
Always entertaining us with all the books YOU write!
Marvelous work impossible to make better!!
Incredible NO mistake!
Laughter is what your stories have!
Loving your manuscripts!
Swiss Miss hot chocolate helps you think.

By Isaac:
Thanks Ms. Claudia!
How do you like your novels?
A novel idea for a main character is a cucumber.
Nobody's novels are as incredible as yours.
Ky can be the cucumber's name.
You are the best novel writer
Other writers are not as amazing as you.
"U" are my favorite writer.

by Hannah:
Talk about an interesting Author!
Had a great time listening to your stories.
Ape Dances are more hysterical than embarrassing.
Nothing is more funny than 7 x 9 = Trouble!
Kittens could be your new main characters!
Years and years of writing sure pay off!
Over the years everyone has loved your books!
Underneath every single of your novels is an experience.

And finally, from Matthew:
Crazy author came to our school.
Laughable author was so funny.
Aesthetic author makes me want to write.
Unbroken you are very happy.
Display a good role model.
I feel wrong for you with your rejections.
Ape dance rocks.
My gosh you are wonderful.
I hope you make more books.
Lazy is not your thing.
Lass, you got skill.
Swiss hot cocoa sounds good.

I say, Ida Freeman Elementary, YOU rock!


  1. How wonderful to have kids write poems using your name. What a great school. I say, too, that Ida Elementary rocks!

  2. Thanx Claudia! This Is Hannah I Love Your Books! My Acrastic (Sorry i Spelled It Wrong!) Is In Your Blog! We Loved You At Ida Freeman(:
    Hannah Dedmon 5th Grade Enrichment Ida Freeman Elementary