Thursday, March 18, 2010

My brilliant mentees

I'm meeting with one of my mentees this morning. I just read her revised first fourteen chapters of her novel, and I'm SLAIN. Stunned, astonished, humbled. I want to take one of her chapters and have it as the sample for a writing prompt that would say:

"Write a scene where all that happens is that three characters are unloading groceries together, and yet we see each one's character revealed in a way that heightens the tension of the story significantly."


"Write a scene of banter in a carpool with dialogue that is simultaneously:
a) hilariously funny; b) completely believable; and c) poignant and painful. Oh, and that advances the plot as well."

Tracy did both, brilliantly.

I read her writing, and the writing of my other mentees, and I want to write better books. I want to stretch and grow as they are stretching and growing. I want to do what they are doing: take something good, even something great, and make it to-die-for.

Ceil, Tracy, Rondi, Bevin, and Sonja: you rock!


  1. Thanks, Claudia. You rock, too. You're a fantastic mentor!

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