Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Nice Things and Accomplishments, Mid-Month

February is half over, and I checked my little nice things and accomplishments list for the month and started to panic. Only two items! Two! Item number one was the comforting visit from my sister. Item number two was that Being Teddy Roosevelt is on the master list for a new children's choice award in Illinois, the Bluestem Book Award (the seventh state list for Teddy). I checked my email a few extra times in case late-breaking news of nice things for Claudia was about to come pouring in. Nothing.

Then I remembered: I could take action myself to create some nice things and accomplishments for February. I finished my sulking over my new chapter-book-in-progress, which I blogged about in my last post, and wrote Chapter Two, which I shared with my writing group last night to warm encouragement. Writing Chapter Two is now nice thing/accomplishment number three. I'm halfway through Chapter Three and expect to finish it by the end of the week: nice thing/accomplishment number four. Thursday I'm giving a talk on campus, called "Divine Love and Moral Arbitrariness" - I read over my notes for the talk this morning and was pleased. So I'm planning on having that be nice thing/accomplishment number five.

Some of my nice things and accomplishments really are up to me.

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