Tuesday, November 24, 2009

More Hours or More Days?

Thanksgiving break is bliss! I'm ahead on writing, ahead on my one-a-day extra little tasks, behind on grading my five papers a day - but the good thing about grading is that one way or another, it always does get done. I took not one but two glorious walks yesterday, with two different friends; I have a third friend lined up for a mountain walk this afternoon.

Of course, I wish that Thanksgiving break would last longer, and yet, I have to say that by evening yesterday, I felt that the day was seeming a bit, well, long. Write, write, grade a couple of papers, walk, read, read, walk, write, read, read, read. I really didn't feel like writing or reading any more that day, even as I could hardly wait to start writing and reading again tomorrow.

This made me think how often people say that they wish there were more hours in a day. I never wish this. Instead I wish that there were more days in a week. By suppertime, I'm tired; I don't want the day to go on and on and on. What I love best is that first hour of the early morning, full of hope and promise. I want more of THOSE - but you can't have two first hours of the day on the same day, two bursts of hope and promise. First hours, hours of hope and promise, are meant to come just once a day. So that is why I need not more hours, but more days.

Especially more days of Thanksgiving break.


  1. I wish there were more hours in a day, but it's because I think my natural biological clock would like a 25-26 hour sleep/wake cycle: stay awake a little bit longer, then sleep a little bit longer. I think this partly explains why I gravitate towards keeping vampire hours too--I'm able to stay awake (and alert) well into the night, and then if left to my own devices sleep late too.

    The flip side to this hypothesis is that morning people would prefer a shorter sleep/wake cycle, say 22-23 hours. Does that gel with your experience?

  2. That sounds right to me. I want to go to bed eariler and earlier each night - is that the same thing as a shorter sleep/cycle? It's 7:45 p.m. now and bed seems awfully tempting!