Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Four Pillars of Happiness

I figured out a few years ago that there are four things in this world that are all that I need to turn any ordinary day into a day of complete and perfect joy. I call them my four pillars of happiness. My four pillars of happiness are:

1) writing
2) reading
3) walking
4) friends

The beauty of my four pillars are that I can have each one every single day. All I have to do is pick up my pen, open a book, step outside my door for a stroll, or call, email, or visit a friend. They don’t cost money. They don’t require luck or good fortune. They are 100 percent reliable. They can be savored one by one, or they can be combined: I can walk with a friend, or share a book or manuscript-in-progress with a friend, or get together to write with a friend. I can read something that will inspire me to write; I can write something about what I have read.

Writing! Reading! Walking! Friends!

These are my four pillars of happiness. What are yours?

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